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High Pressure Swing Clamp

High Pressure Swing Clamp
Product Introduction
• Bore : ø25~ø63 mm    • Pmax : 500 Kg/cm²
• The series of swing clamp cylinder is ideal for workpiece clamping which requires a sufficient space for convenient workpiece loading and unloading and high pressure clamping.
• It provides swing motion (do not clamp workpiece) and vertical hold down motion.
• The swing clamp cylinder employs Germany oil seal and imported parts. The inside surface of cylinder barrel is specially treated, featuring maximum smoothness, high performance and long service life.
• For maximum oil feeding speed, refer to specifications. Do not exceed oil feeding speed to avoid too high swing speed. In case improper swing speed occurs, it is suggested to equip with an additional oil flow control valve to reduce oil feeding speed.
• Refer to the comparison diagram between the effective clamping force and working pressure. Do not extend the swing arm length as desired.
Bore of cylindermm ø25 ø32 ø40 ø50 ø63
Piston rod diametermm ø20 ø25 ø32 ø40 ø50
Swing strokemm 8 9 9 12 12
Clamping strokemm 11 13 13 15 15
Max. oil filling speedcm³/s 3.3 6.9 9.9 19.1 31.1
Downward clamping oil requiredcm³ 3.3 6.9 9.9 19.1 31.1
Return oil requiredcm³ 9.3 17.7 27.6 53 84.2
Rotating direction R:Turn right/ L:Turn left/ N: 0˚ No swing
Rotating angle Standard angle 90˚, Optional angle 45˚, 60˚
Min operation pressure D : Double-acting 10 Kg/cm²
S : Single-acting 40 Kg/cm²
Order Code
Air Lever-type Cylinder Order Code
1 Series HPS
2 Mounting type Flange Blank : Line type
M : Manifold type
Threaded body TB : Threaded body
3 Bore of cylinder ø25, ø32, ø40, ø50, ø63
4 Acting type S : Single-acting / D : Double-acting
5 Rotating direction R:Turn right/ L:Turn left/ N: 0˚ No swing
6 Rotating angle 90 : 90˚ / 45 : 45˚ / 60 : 60˚