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Thread-type Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder Thread-type Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder
Product Introduction
• Bore : ø12~ø25 mm    • Pmax : 500 Kg/cm²
• The threaded body single acting hydraulic cylinder employs imported oil seal and parts to assure quality dependability, which minimizes oil leakage. No oil leakage during high pressure clamping for a long time.
• Compact construction permits several units operated for clamping in a small space.
• This type of hydraulic cylinder is used for ejecting with return by spring, which can not be used for pulling application.
• When installing, keep the contact angle between the rod and workpiece no larger than 10˚.
• A leak-proof gasket is required to place under the bottom of cylinder barrel.
• The body of SW1 and SW2 are equipped with a dust removing ring.

Thread-type Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder Product type

Line type

Product Introduction

Line type

A: Circular type

TB:Threaded body

B: Int. thread type

Rod sizemm ø12 ø16 ø20 ø25
Rod strokemm 10 12 15 16
Clamping force 100 Kg/cm² 110 200 310 490
500 Kg/cm² 570 1010 1570 2460
Spring restoring forceMin. kg 2.8 5.0 7.8 12.3
Min. pressureKg/cm² 10 10 10 10
Oil neededcc / 10mm stroke 1.13 2.01 3.14 4.91
Fluid Filtered air
Order Code
Air Lever-type Cylinder Order Code